Emily reveals ‘Transforming Body’ in before and after photos

Emily Bieberly from 90 day fiance showed him”transform the bodyto fans by revealing her weight loss journey in rare before and after photos. Emily, 29, is currently a stay-at-home mom and mom influencer on Instagram after starring in 90 day fiance season 9. Emily married Cameroonian Kobe Blaise, 34, on the show with whom she had a son before moving to America on a K-1 visa. Emily and Kobe had a family-funded fairy tale wedding while she was pregnant with their second child, a baby girl who just turned one. Emily loves being a mother, but at the same time works hard to lose the weight she has gained in her back-to-back pregnancies.


In her latest Instagram Stories, Emily posted a photo of herself from years ago, before she met Kobe in China. Emily was a free spirit who landed in Asia to teach children English, while Kobe worked there as an underwear model. In 2018, Emily was visibly thinner than the Emily who starred in 90 day fiance season 9. Her hair was shorter but straighter, and she wore a fitted top with a deep neckline and ripped knee jeans. “I need new jeans for my changing body,Emily captioned her photo. She asked her followers to send her links to all their favorite jeans.

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What is 90 Day Fiancé Star Emily’s Weight Loss Secret

Emily’s next story was a photo of herself that she clicked on at the gym. “Been a minute for a gym selfieEmily wrote in her caption. She further asked her fans to send her recommendations for their favorite workout shoes. Emily’s new post-workout selfie showed her with her hair tied back in a big bun. on her head. She wore a brown sweatshirt with black cycling shorts, which made it look 90 day fiance Star Emily was closer than ever to achieving her fitness goals. In August 2022, Emily revealed she had lost 18 pounds in the past year.

One of the first things Emily did after giving birth to baby Scarlet was encapsulate her placenta in tractions. Emily lost much of her baby weight due to the pills she took two weeks after giving birth. Although working out daily is a huge struggle for Emily, considering the daily chores she has to do and her duties as a new mom, the Kansas resident pulls it off without fail. Emily wakes up in the early hours of the day to go to her gym. The last two years have been difficult for 90 day fiance star and sometimes his weight reaches a plateau where he refuses to go down.

But Emily often loses inches when this happens. She believes in staying consistent and staying focused. Slowly and steadily wins the race, depending on the 90 day fiance beginner. 5 a.m. becomes “me time” for Emily, which she in turn describes as her therapy. These days, Emily stars in the spin-off Pillow talk for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 7 with Kobe. Emily was not liked by 90 day fiance fans during his franchise debut for being spoiled and stubborn, but something about him after the show ended is very endearing to TLC viewers. Reality TV star Emily has struck a chord with fans, and her weight loss journey is just one of the things her followers find relevant.

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Credit: Emily Bieberly/Instagram

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