Edison “Vintage” Usher and Kadin Banks, popular cycling officials, die in a bicycle accident

April 11, 2022

Edison “Vintage” Usher and Kadin Banks, popular cycling officials, die in a bicycle accident

The Belize Cycling Federation lost two members of its team in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. This happened when the annual Women’s Cross Country Cycling Classic was underway from San Ignacio to Belize City. News Five’s Marion Ali has the tragic story.

Dion Leslie

Dion Leslie, Vice President, Belize Cycling Federation

“Mr Banks and Vintage, or Usher – Edison Usher – were on their way to cover the race live, broadcast live for the Federation on our Facebook page, which they did for many races throughout the season and before that, and they were on their way a little after seven o’clock, we got a phone call that there had been an accident.

Marion Ali, Report

The news of this accident between miles forty-one and forty-two along Cotton Tree Village on the George Price Highway cast a somber air that hung over the entire seventy-two mile run. Cycling manager Kadin Banks was killed instantly when the motorbike he was riding rolled to the side of the road where a small piece of concrete protruded from the ground. His co-worker, Edison “Vintage” Usher, injured, was taken to Western Regional Hospital. But three hours later, when the race was about halfway through its course, doctors at the hospital announced that he, too, had succumbed. The police explained what they discovered about the accident.

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Director of Communications, Belize Police Department

“Both men were thrown through the air and landed on their faces. When officers arrived at the scene, both men were unconscious.

News of the man’s death has shocked the cycling world.

Dion Leslie

“The whole federation, the cycling family, their extended families, you know, everyone is just in shock because something like that, you don’t expect it. In cycling, I don’t remember that something of this magnitude has caused such a tragedy like this. All of us, even getting up this morning is surreal. Of course, Vintage was an artist. The San Cas family for Mr. Banks – he worked in San Cas – so all in all, it touched a lot of people.

The loss is especially difficult for their blood relatives. Usher’s sister Pamela Gideon spoke to us via zoom today from Placencia about her brother’s unexpected passing. In one of his last Facebook posts, he talked about four things that can never be recovered in life: lost words, missed opportunities, trust, and wasted time. His last line said “capitalize on every moment”.

Pamela Gideon

Pamela Gideon, sister of Edison “Vintage” Usher

“I think he capitalized on every moment of life because until the end he did what he loved. He was out there, he was behind that race, as long as it was with cycling you couldn’t take Eddie away. Friends called me saying I couldn’t believe it because Vintage just helped me move – he and his girlfriend just helped me move stuff or he helped me move build something or I needed help getting something and he made the connection for me because I strongly believe that’s what people will take away from my brother.

Edison’s “Vintage” Usher

Usher, who was also a DJ, died while playing the sport he loved. Cycling fans who were not yet aware of his accident wondered why the race was not livestreamed on the Cycling Federation’s Facebook page.

Dion Leslie

“We usually do the live stream with a phone and just broadcast our phone to Facebook. But for this Cross Country this Saturday, we had received new material and we were looking to provide better coverage for Cross Country and it was planned to test it in the race yesterday. Vintage and Alicia Thompson were working on it last week until Friday and everything was ready to test this new system that we were going to use on Sunday. And when the tragedy happened, I can tell you the last thing on our mind was to broadcast the race live or hurry up and have a plan B.”

Leslie says the Cycling Federation will engage the services of Andrew Ordonez to broadcast the entire duration of the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic live on his Facebook page.

Marion Ali for News Five.

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