Cyclists will NOT need license plates – Grant Shapps again insists ‘we’re not going to do license plates’

Just two weeks after Grant Shapps first aired the idea of ​​number plates for cyclists in one interview, while simultaneously saying he opposed the idea in another, the Secretary of Transport took up the issue once again to say the government “is not going to do license plates”.

Talk to The temperature newspaper, Shapps described himself as a “very passionate” cyclist, if “not a mamil [middle-aged man in Lycra]’, and said ‘we’re not going to do license plates’.

“We’re not going to do license plates,” Shapps said. “There is no death by dangerous bicycle in our legal texts. At the moment it has to be addressed through old legislation, which is actually designed for horses and carts, which is deeply unsatisfying.

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“When I pointed this out, some people said, ‘So, surely you’ll need to know which bike is which? But when there has been an incident, in general, we know who it is.

“I am passionate [cyclist]. i am not a mom [middle-aged man in Lycra], I wear my ordinary clothes, but I like to go out. I converted my 90-year-old dad’s old bike – it looks so old no one would want to nick it – into an e-bike for a little help uphill.”

Shapps’ comments follow a similar explanation from the Department for Transport which told that the minister’s view in an earlier Times interview, saying he was opposed to the bike number plate bureaucracy, was closer to the truth than the Mail’s all-out assurance, registration and license account.

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On Wednesday, a female MP who co-chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Cycling and Walking said she had been assured by the Department for Transport that there were no plans for cyclists to be required to display plaques registration or take mandatory third party holiday insurance.

“The Transport Secretary’s foray into cycling policy has certainly sparked much debate and has once again demonstrated the strength of sentiment among cycling pros and naysayers about how best to ensure the safety of all road users. road,” Selaine Saxby wrote in a magazine column.

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“From a policy point of view, the Department for Transport has assured me, as the Secretary for Transport has repeated to the press, that they have no plans to introduce number plates for bicycles or compulsory insurance.

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