Cyclist threatened with a ‘foot-long knife’ in latest bike theft in south London

A cyclist – robbed of his bike and mobile phone by two men in balaclavas on a south London cycle path near where several similar attacks took place – has expressed frustration at the lack of action by the police.

The reader told us they were robbed on Saturday lunchtime on a ‘Quietway’ part of the C10 cycle path in Bermondsey by two ‘men in balaclavas’ who knocked the cyclist off the bike and threatened him a “foot long”. serrated knife”.

It happened around 12.30pm on the cycle path under St James’s Road on Stevenson Crescent, minutes from another stretch of C10 where earlier this year a graffiti warning was sprayed on the tarmac after multiple thefts and assaults.

> Cyclists report multiple assaults and thefts on London cycle path

“Two men wearing balaclavas and dressed in black, one wielding a foot-long serrated knife, knocked me off my bicycle and, while one threatened to use the blade, the other took the bike and the cell phone on it,” the reader said. we.

“As shocking as that is, I’m particularly annoyed to learn that this is a hotspot and there don’t appear to be any significant warning signs or police prevention.” contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment and raised the cyclist’s concern over an apparent lack of action at a bike theft hotspot, but was simply told that “police have been called to Stevenson Crescent, SE16, Saturday, October 22 at 12:32 p.m. to reports of theft.

“Officers were present. It was reported that a 53-year-old cyclist had his bicycle and mobile phone stolen by two men, one of whom was armed with a knife. There was no arrest. Investigations are ongoing.”

Last month we reported that a graffiti warning telling cyclists: ‘Warning, fly and fly on this route’ had been sprayed on the tarmac at the C10 near The Den, home of Millwall Football Club.

> “Deeply concerned” British Cycling intervenes after a series of violent bike hijackings in south London

It came after various reports of “masked men” wielding knives and targeting cyclists for their bikes.

A local cyclist, Euan, told that he had “stopped cycling to work completely” for fear of being targeted by attackers after seeing “men in balaclavas watching cyclists on the road several times”.

“I’ve heard about this through multiple sources for months and the police absolutely can’t be bothered,” he told us.

In August, a member of the Lewisham Cyclists Facebook group reported that a cyclist was attacked and had her bike stolen by “two men in balaclavas” in the same area.

“I was pushed off my bike and robbed by some masked boys a few years ago near this road,” said another cyclist.

In July, British Cycling said it was “deeply concerned” about increasing bikejackings in south London, with politician Nick Chamberlin posting a response outlining the problem, telling members to “consider carefully the routes that ‘they have planned’.

Chamberlin said: “We have heard from many clubs and individuals who are rightly very concerned about going out for a ride. It is extremely difficult to discuss these kinds of issues without creating panic and the last thing we would like is to dissuade people from cycling this summer for fear of being attacked.

“The sad reality however is that when these spikes in violent crime do occur, and as we try to better understand the pattern of incidents, it is prudent for individuals, clubs and groups to discuss these concerns together and reflect attentively to the rides they have planned..

“As with the incidents in Richmond Park last year, we know that by working together as a cycling community to get relevant information to the police quickly, we can help them resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.”

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