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Since Cycling newsSince its inception in 1995, our publication has been committed to providing our audience with a comprehensive range of comprehensive coverage from the world of cycling, and cyclocross is no exception. The winter off-road discipline shines a light on the skills, power, tactics and technology used by cycling’s most talented athletes.

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Cyclocross and cycling news over the years

Before gravel racing, before mountain biking, cyclocross was the racing discipline with roots that took riders across fields, into woods, and off roads. The early days of cyclocross were much like gravel, with riders keeping fit through the winter months by pushing the limits of passable terrain. Inspired by steeplechase, cyclocross takes riders over barriers, up, up and down impossibly steep hills, through muddy off-camber sections and at times sliding down a smooth backhill descent.

Eventually, cyclocross became more professional. The first national championships began at the turn of the 20th century. The French called it cross cyclo-pedestre and hosted the first major international competition, the Critérium international de cross cyclo-pedestre, between 1924 and 1949. It was founded by L’Auto, the same newspaper that supported the creation of the Tour de France. . Robert Oubron – perhaps the first cyclo-cross specialist in history – was the most successful rider, with four victories.

While the Criterium International was the “unofficial” cyclocross world championship, the UCI made an official version of it in 1950, where 1947 Tour de France winner Jean Robic became the inaugural champion. Until Marianne Vos’ eighth world title in 2022, Eric De Vlaeminck held the record for the most seven-man cyclocross world titles between 1965 and 1973.

When the Internet was created, and Cycling news started publishing cyclocross news, reports and results, the discipline had spread from its core in Europe to distant areas such as the United States and Japan. We’ve followed cyclocross as Frank and Mark McCormack dominated in the United States, when Adri van der Poel won the world title, through the rivalry years of Richard Groenendaal and Sven Nys, Nys’ rivalry with Niels Albert, the climb of Zdenek Stybar then Mathieu van der Poel, Wout van Aert and Tom Pidcock.

Dutch Marianne Vos competes to win the women's UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships race in Hoogerheide on February 1, 2014

Marianne Vos on her way to winning the UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships in 2014 (Image credit: Getty Images)

Many of the big stars of the Tour de France come from cyclo-cross. Van der Poel was already a world junior road champion when he began his cyclocross dominance as an under-23 in 2013, the beginning of his rivalry with Van Aert.

As live streaming became more mainstream, fans around the world were treated to exciting duels between the two stars.

Our coverage of cyclocross matched our commitment to women’s cycling, and when the UCI finally added an elite women’s race in 2000, Cycling news was here. We highlighted the adversity the women faced, from the ridiculously short races – the first Worlds lasted 28 minutes – to the early starts, the lack of TV coverage and the mockery of Belgian commentators.

Then, in 2006, Marianne Vos rose from the junior ranks and beat established stars – Hanka Kupfernagel and Daphny van den Brand – and went on to make history as the most successful cyclocross rider of all time.

Cycling news has been there over the years as women fought for equality, finally moving into prime time after juniors and men under 23, getting longer runs and equal prize money.

Now there is a growing pipeline of junior races for women and more talent to come, as evidenced by the incredibly talented riders at the front of the pack like Fem van Empel, Puck Pieterse and Shirin van Anrooij.

Cycling news is committed to providing our readers with the broadest and most in-depth coverage of cyclocross possible. With your support, we can continue to immerse ourselves in technology, techniques and personalities throughout the winter.

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