Chainsaw Man Inadvertently Stopped World War 3

Chainsaw Man’s power to erase other demons from existence led to unthinkable changes in the annals of history, even preventing World War III.

manga Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto is known for its over-the-top gore, action scenes, and nightmarish villains, but fans often overlook the multi-faceted and horrifying world-building the Chainsaw Man story is built upon. There are many little details woven throughout the story that complement the main plot, one of which may allude to the chainsaw devil inadvertently stopping World War III. This stunning revelation comes from the hands of Makima when she reveals one of the most breathtaking pieces. tradition in the series.

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 84, Makima reveals the chainsaw devil’s biggest secret. Known as the “Hero of Hell”, Chainsaw Man is a demon feared by all other demons. When a devil cries out for help in the depths of hell, Chainsaw Man appears and tears both oppressor and victim apart. While the haunting sound of flesh-slicing metal cycling is bad enough, it’s not the real reason demons fear Chainsaw Man, as Makima soon notes. The real reason Chainsaw Man is held in such high reverence is that any demon eaten by Chainsaw Man will be erased from the past, present, and future.


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Along with this massive reveal, Makima goes on to list the names that Chainsaw Man erased from history. Among this list are nuclear weapons, the Mount Vio eruption, Zoa, AIDS, World War II, the Nazis, and Anolon Syndrome. Beyond that, Chainsaw Man would also have completely destroyed some metaphysical concepts such as humanity’s sixth sense, a star that broke children’s minds, and four other fates besides death at the end of life. In doing so, these concepts have all been collectively erased from human consciousness, altering the very fabric of reality with grave implications for humanity’s timeline of events. Each of these concepts that Chainsaw Man erased also had a devil attached to them, meaning that by eating World War II and the Nazi devil, Chainsaw Man effectively prevented any possibility of World War III.

After the big reveal of the Nazis and WWII is erased from history, other information previously revealed in the story begins to make a lot more sense. For example, Russia is instead called the Soviet Union or the USSR in the world of Chainsaw Man. Indeed, Chainsaw Man effectively prevented the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union through the erasure of the Nazis and World War II. Additionally, Chainsaw Man completely obliterated nuclear weapons from the surface of the Earth, thus averting a potentially disastrous nuclear war. .

There are several crazy implications when it comes to Chainsaw Man’s power to erase existence. In addition to erasing massive historical events like World War II, anything that happens because of those events is also undone. Although the finer details are still controversial at best, Chainsaw Man has undoubtedly had an unthinkable impact on the growth and evolution of humanity over the last century of its battles.

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