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Almost 40 years after the brand’s inception – and nearly four years after its closure – American Classic has emerged from its ashes as a direct-to-consumer brand. While the original AC focused on the wheels, this news focuses on the tires, with eight models aimed at the road, urban and gravel markets.

Interestingly enough, American Classic’s claim to fame this time around may well have some value. The retail price of all tires is only US $ 30-35 each, and there is even an extremely aggressive “road hazard replacement policy” where a customer can get a one-time 50% discount on a new tire. if it damages a tire while driving. – clearly an effort to keep people on American Classic tires for the long haul.

Each of the tires is made in Taiwan in a new factory directly owned by American Classic (this is how the brand is able to offer the tires at such low prices). Tubeless models are approved for use with the latest hooked (TC) and hookless (TSS) tubeless rims.

At least for now, American Classic’s new tires will only be offered to US buyers, either directly from the brand’s website or through a dedicated Amazon store.

Decomposition of the model

Timekeeper is the brand’s “first road racing tire”, featuring a single synthetic rubber compound, tubeless ready 120 TPI nylon and a lightweight puncture-proof belt just below the tread to minimize any impact on tire resistance. rolling. It is offered in only 700 × 25 mm and 700 × 28 mm, but in tube and tubeless ready mountings, as well as black, beige and brown sidewalls depending on the version. The weights vary from 210 to 300 grams.

Torchbearer is more of an off-road model, with the same rubber compound and case constructions as the Timekeeper, but with a slightly more pronounced tread on the shoulders, and bead-to-bead puncture protection instead of just something under the tread cap, and larger sizes available: 700 × 25mm, 700 × 28mm, and 700 × 32mm, all in black wall only. The claimed weights range from 270 to 415 g.

The more urban Lamplighter complements American Classic’s tarmac-specific tire selection. Offered in larger sizes of 700 × 40mm, 700 × 50mm and 650 × 47mm with a 60 TPI tube-type nylon housing, Lamplighter puts more emphasis on durability with a pearl puncture resistant belt at bead and a 3mm rubber under the tread cap. The claimed weights range from 580 to 670 g.

Kimberlite is the first mixed model in the new American Classic tire line. Aimed at softer conditions like poor pavements or hard dirt roads – or riders who simply prioritize ride speed over absolute grip – Kimberlite features a central file pattern and progressively more studs as you move downhill. ‘shoulder. The puncture protection consists of a “specially designed microfiber composite tread compound” and an additional belt under the tread cap. Sizes available include 700 × 40mm, 700 × 50mm and 650 × 47mm, all exclusively in black wall with tubeless ready 120 TPI nylon housings. The claimed weights range from 565-660 g.

The Aggregate is more of a true mixed-condition tread with its range of small, low-profile hex knobs featuring the same tread compound, puncture protection, available sizes and carcass construction as Kimberlite (but with an additional beige sidewall option). The claimed weights range from 565-680 g.

The Udden is further off the beaten track with a center ‘micro chevron’ tread, a dense array of mini buttons in the transition area, and relatively sturdy looking blocks further into the housing. Sizes, color options, and case construction are the same as the Aggregate, with claimed weights of 565-680g.

Wentworth goes even knottier, with bigger tread blocks, more open spacing, and an even more rugged shoulder design. According to American Classic, it’s “suitable for long days of aimless exploration and queuing on rainy race days where anything could be found at the next turn.” Sizes, color options, and case constructions are the same as the Aggregate and Udden, with claimed weights of 550-740g.

To top it off, the Krumbein, intended for loose gravel and singletracks, with its strong mountain bike-like shoulder buttons and more pronounced center and transition pattern. The center knobs are still angled to help reduce rolling resistance, however. Sizes, color options, and case construction are the same as the Aggregate, Udden and Wentworth, and claimed weights range from 585g to 735g.

Already seen?

While longtime fans of the American Classic brand will no doubt be delighted to see the company return to business, it’s also hard not to notice how familiar many of these tread patterns are, in particular. some of the gravel patterns.

At least to me this Udden looks a lot like a Donnelly MSO. The Aggregate is a dead ringtone for the Schwalbe G-One Allround. Kimberlite? Definitely an air of WTB Byway over there. And the Krombein looks like a WTB Resolute derivative. Heck, even the decorative patterns on the Timekeeper are reminiscent of how Continental dresses its GP5000.

Are these tires exact copies? Well no. Looking at the Aggregate, for example, American Classic points out that it has polygonal knobs as opposed to the round ones on the Schwalbe G-One, which supposedly improve braking performance. The center buttons also have a larger diameter and shorter height which American Classic says increases stability and reduces rolling resistance, and more open spacing on the shoulder buttons produces “better bite and clearance.” waste”.

Even casual observers will say they’re still very close, but in fairness to American Classic, if you want to emulate the design of other tires, the company has at least picked out a bunch of good ones to emulate.

I’ve spent the last few weeks on the 700 × 40mm Wentworth, for example, and honestly it’s pretty impressive. The carcass isn’t as flexible as I usually prefer, but those thicker sidewalls will likely resist abrasion and cuts better, which for some riders will be more important. Grip has also been good in my notoriously tough local conditions of loose on hard ground, and at least so far the tread is wearing well.

Of course, American Classic’s extremely aggressive pricing structure cannot be ignored here. Viewed strictly through a performance lens, these tires are no different from the best offerings from Schwalbe, Continental, WTB, Maxxis and others. However, the price difference is simply huge, especially in terms of percentages. I can’t find anything else on the market that comes close to offering this kind of performance at this price point, and certainly not without such an intriguing replacement policy. In this context, American Classic could really be on to something here.

Wheels in development

As interesting as the return of American Classic is, there are two glaring absences. American Classic has long been primarily a brand of wheels, not tires, and there is little evidence of the influence of the brand’s original founder, Bill Shook. A quick survey of American Classic’s public relations agency, however, provides information on both of these.

“Bill is being hired as an external design and engineering consultant,” said Logan VonBokel of Hot Route Media. “Bill didn’t have much to do with tire engineering other than test driving. Given his experience and expertise in off the beaten track engineering, the American Classic team is fortunate to have him on the engineering and product development team as the brand grows.

As for the other clue, visitors to the American Classic website might notice a little teaser. Under the Product tab is a section on tires, but there is also a placeholder for wheels. If you’ve been disappointed with losing American Classic wheels to the market, it looks like you won’t have to wait too long for Shook’s innovative ideas to return – and if they have anything similar to the value of these awards. . tires, that will definitely be something to watch out for.

You can find more information at

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Cornet Mamabolo (Tbose) takes a break from ‘Skeem Saam’ due to injury Sat, 11 Sep 2021 20:06:53 +0000

Actor, Cornet Mamabolo who plays the role of Thabo ‘Tbose’ Maputla in the SABC 1 educational soap opera Skeem Saam recently left fans worried after sharing a photo of him with a cast on his arm on his Instagram account.

While he didn’t give too many details about his injury on his Instagram account, his fans and co-stars took his post to wish him a speedy recovery.


The actor told the Daily Sun he was doing well and his injury was not serious.

“I fell while riding a bike and started to feel pain hours later.”

Mamabolo says he has a fracture, had to put in a cast and doctors recommend he put it on for a few weeks.

He also assures fans that he will be fully healed by October and that he has taken a break from filming. Skeem Saam due to the injury.

Mamabolo is the third actor this year to be injured and be absent from the set of a TV show.

Actress Zandile Msutwana was also injured and was temporarily replaced by actress Thembisa Nxumalo-Mdoda as Vuyiswa Maake on The Queen.

Another actress who got injured this year is legendary actress Dawn Thandeka King who stars as Mashenge in the hit telenovela of Mzansi Magic. DiepCity.

Also Read: ‘Skeem Saam’ Actress Hints at Mapitsi’s Marriage Challenges


The actor has revealed that viewers will see his marriage to Mapitsi (Mogau Mothlatswi) tested in the coming weeks due to his overseas job opportunity.

Mamabolo is also a family man like his character on the show but different from Tbose on an emotional level.

“There are certain references that I take from my personal life. “

“I also perform my role well thanks to the actors and the crew because they help me to deepen my emotions.”

Read also: Review of “Skeem Saam”: Mapitsi and Tbose are ready to move abroad

]]> 0 Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea fans set to take part in new CUP26 tournament Wed, 08 Sep 2021 21:30:00 +0000

The biggest football campaign ever to fight climate change began with the launch of the CUP26 tournament.

According to Sky Sports, Planet Super League and Count Us In have come together to create the new competition, which aims to raise awareness of the role football can play in helping to protect the environment in the long run.

The action of the supporters will determine the winner of the tournament, as supporters can score goals for their club by participating in environmentally friendly activities.

There are up to 100 goal activities available, which include things like walking or cycling to work rather than traveling by car, eating a plant-based meal or even supporting the ‘No Maura dump. Supported by Lucas Moura, where fans can showcase their hidden footballing skills while recycling.

Fans of different clubs will play weekly fixtures against their rivals, and like in any football match, whoever scores the most goals will end up winning the match. A trophy will then be presented to the winner of the tournament after the conclusion of all matches.

The tournament comes with just seven weeks left before COP26, the United Nations climate change conference to be hosted by the UK in Glasgow.

Fans of Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham will be joined by fans of other London clubs Crystal Palace, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers.

The tournament will start on September 13 and the first week matches are as follows:

Arsenal vs. Burnley

Aston Villa vs. Burton

Cardiff vs. Walsall

Derby vs. Stoke

Everton vs Luton

Fulham vs. Bristol Rovers

Huddersfield Against Reading

Leeds v Cambridge

Lincoln City vs. Rotherham

Liverpool v Crystal Palace

Middlesbrough vs. Wrexham

Northampton v Notts County

Nottingham Forest v MK Dons

Plymouth vs. Hibernian

Preston vs. Ipswich

QPR vs. Swindon

Sheffield United v Chesterfield

Southampton v Hull City

Swansea vs. Exeter

Tottenham v Chelsea

West Brom vs. Wycombe

Wigan vs. Shrewsbury

You can register to participate at

]]> 0 Tour of Britain 2021: Conti’s British teams have plenty to play for Sat, 04 Sep 2021 10:30:03 +0000

Photo: Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling

A frequent sight on the Tour of Britain is that of British UCI Continental teams lighting it up at the front of the race, jumping in breakaways and racking up points in jersey competitions.

A different aspect this year is the way they started. Usually their classification process is done through points accumulated through final positions on various races throughout the season, or “laps” – a scenario that will return in 2022.

For example, in 2018 these events included the Chorley Grand Prix, the Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic, the Tour de Yorkshire, the Tour Series and the Lincoln Grand Prix. JLT Condor qualified with 49 points, with ONE Pro Cycling and Madison Genesis on 42 and Canyon Eisberg on 39.

Unfortunately, three of those four teams no longer exist, although others have won. At the Tour of Britain this year will be Canyon dhb SunGod (formerly Canyon Eisberg), Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling (pictured above), Saint Piran, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling and Trinity Racing.

Organizers Sweetspot and British Cycling have invited the five UCI British continental teams due to the lack of racing opportunities caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Describing their preparation for the Tour of Britain, Carolyn Nelson, director of the SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling team, revealed that they were asked to complete at least one UCI race beforehand. But their early season plans were dashed after the cancellation of the Tour de Normandie and Loir et Cher e Provost stage races as well as one-day events in Belgium and the Netherlands.

“It’s fair to say it’s been a very different year. We have had a number of team training camps and meetups at our Yorkshire base, and these have allowed the team to get to know each other and ride together. Not the same as racing, but the best alternative given the situation.

“Thanks to our links with Portugal – our main sponsor, SwiftCarbon is based in Porto – we have received invitations to the Volta ao Alentejo and the Volta a Portugal Santander.

“By the time we were about to leave for Alentejo, the travel rules changed. Portugal went from a green country to an amber country, and one of the team members tested positive for Covid, so we had to withdraw.

“We successfully participated in the 12 days Volta a Portugal Santander in August. However, competing against World Tour and Pro Tour teams that have been racing since early spring, in the scorching heat of Portugal with a hilly course was always going to be difficult, but we came home with a lot of great races in our legs. .

Team effort

Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling team principal Tom Timothy also explained their preparation for the Tour of Britain through races in Norway and Slovenia before the start line in Cornwall, also defending the importance of the team staff effort.

“The coronavirus has made it difficult, but we’ve really made sure to give the riders a schedule that will prepare them for the race, by participating in events like the Tour of Norway and the Tour of Slovenia.

“It’s a testament from our backroom staff how well everything has gone with guys like Colin Sturgess and James Huntly helping out on the road and it’s been a real team effort. ‘

The local county team, Saint Piran, will also be in Cornwall when the Tour of Britain kicks off. Considering this, expect to see them making noise in the early stages.

The first day is a 180 km route from Penzance which surely has its name everywhere in terms of escape at least. Riders will climb three category three climbs and two intermediate sprints before the finish in Bodmin.

“It’s our moment in the sun, so we’re going to burn a few matches the first few days. Visibility is the key to us, but the standard is so high these days.

“The Tour of Britain is difficult. I am proud that we are giving Steve Lampier his dream, a Cornish driver on Cornish roads in a world class event. ‘

Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling, Saint Piran and Trinity Racing will all make their race debuts. Much talk surrounding continental teams rubbing shoulders with fellow WorldTour compatriots centers on what they can learn from those higher up in the ranks.

On the flip side, however, there is still a lot that can be shared both ways. James Shaw will be alongside his Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling teammates, fresh off their impressive fifth overall in Norway and Slovenia alongside the opposition World Tour.

Tom Timothy said: “I think as a team we obviously had limited resources compared to a World Tour team but on the other hand that means we really make sure we get the most out of it. all we have. I think this approach has really paid off, evidenced by James Shaw’s results in the Tour of Norway and Slovenia, beating World Tour opposition with a rental car in the convoy due to travel restrictions from Covid!

When asked what they expected most, Carolyn Nelson cited fans and – not to spoil it – potentially the weather.

“We look forward to the support of the fans who have sorely missed us. There is nothing more exciting than being in the team car after the race on epic climbs. I also look forward to the heat wave announced, because our time in Portugal means that we have already acclimated well to the race in hot conditions. ‘

Hopefully the Tour of Britain goes easier than a rental car in the team convoy, but one thing is for sure. British UCI Continental teams could line up on 5e September after a completely different year from normal, but for those debuting or returning they can’t wait to go.

And also, never underestimate them. Leave them too loose at your own risk …

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Controversial disqualification of Malaysian shot putter Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli, gold medalist at Maksym Koval Thu, 02 Sep 2021 00:51:00 +0000

The International Paralympic Committee defended its decision to disqualify a Malaysian shot putter for showing up late, which saw him withdraw a gold medal, as anger erupted in his homeland.

Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli was cleared for the F20 final in Tokyo on Tuesday despite his delay, and won a gold medal with a throw of 17.34 meters, breaking his own world record.

But he was later disqualified, along with Australia’s Todd Hodgetts and Ecuador’s Jordi Patricio Congo Villalba, by officials who determined they had no valid reason for their late arrival at the call room.

Gold went instead to Ukrainian Maksym Koval, with compatriot Oleksandr Yarovyi winning silver.

According to a Malaysian media report The star, it was the Ukrainian team that filed the official complaint against Ziyad.

Maksym Koval with his controversial gold medal. Photo by Carmen Mandato / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

International Paralympic Committee spokesman Craig Spence said a referee determined there was “no justifiable reason” for Ziyad to show up late, and an appeal was subsequently dismissed.

Despite this, Spence said Ukrainian athlete Koval “was unfairly suffering a lot of abuse from the Malaysians”.

“People say the Ukrainian stole the gold. Absolutely not. The Ukrainian had nothing to do with it. It was the athletes who were late, ”said Spence.

“There has been a huge wave of emotion from many Malaysians on social media. Very abusive. Ridiculous, in my opinion.

Spence said the latecomers argued that they did not hear the announcement to assemble or that it was in a language they did not understand, but noted that the other athletes managed to arrive on time.

Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli won gold at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Photo by Allsport Co./Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

The F20 shot put category is reserved for athletes with an intellectual disability. But on social media, critics have shown no sign of accepting the disqualification of Ziyad, who won gold at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016, with Malaysian Science Minister Khairy Jamaluddin condemning the “shameful decision” .

“An absolute shame that goes against the spirit of the Paralympic Games,” he tweeted. “My mean and mean. A stolen gold medal and a world record.

Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah also urged “the relevant authorities to investigate the reasons for the disqualification … so that it does not happen again in the future,” according to a palace statement.

The widely revered monarch was “proud of (Ziyad’s) achievements and performances,” the statement added.

Ziyad himself posted a short message on Instagram to apologize and thank the Malaysians for their support.

“I apologize to all Malaysians, thank you for supporting me,” he wrote.

“I will get up. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

Malaysian cycling fans blasted Australia’s Matthew Glaetzer on social media last month after his blunder in the men’s keirin final deprived Malaysian star Azizulhasni Awang of a chance to win Olympic gold in Tokyo .

– with AFP

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Predicting the future of Detroit’s upcoming FMUs Sat, 28 Aug 2021 08:37:30 +0000

The next offseason for the Detroit Red Wings promises to be busy again, as 20 players are expected to become UFAs or RFAs at the end of the season. Let’s take a (very) early look at the future of the Detroit UFAs.

Griffons players

The players who are not on the Red Wings roster are mostly non-factors; Barring a significant number of injuries, there’s a good chance most of those players will stick with minors this year. Brian Lashoff, Ryan Murphy, Daniel Renouf and Riley Barber will be at Grand Rapids for the vast majority of the year (again, excluding injuries).


Thomas Greiss and Calvin Pickard both become UFAs at the end of the season. Pickard is more on the side of the aforementioned Griffins players, as he will be in the grips of the Griffins for most of the season. There is a good chance Pickard receives another contract in reinforcement. Last year, when Jonathan Bernier missed a fair number of games, Pickard was a usable substitute.

Greiss is a little hard to predict, as his performance was all over the place last season. For two months at the start of the year (Jan. 13 to March 13), he was one of the worst goalies in the NHL. His save percentage was the second worst, standing at .883 in this stretch. Greiss also notched just one win in that span, with just one win for 11 losses (although it could be argued that goal support was the main reason for these modest stats). However, Greiss did pull off a full 180. As of April, his save percentage was .947 – 2nd best in the league among goaltenders with more than 5 starts. He suffered only one regulatory loss at that time.

If his year ends well, there’s a good chance Greiss will be offered a contract. If he can maintain consistent performance throughout the year, there could be a pretty heavy contract (although the term is probably not long, as he’s already 35 years old). However, if his inconsistency lasts all year, Detroit could be looking for a new goalie.


There are four UFAs coming up on the Detroit defense. Danny DeKeyser, Nick Leddy, Marc Staal and Troy Stecher.

I have already written how crucial this year is for DeKeyser and his future within the organization. In short, he needs to recover strongly from his back injury, which he struggled to do last year. Sadly, it looks like this will be his last season in Detroit.

Leddy is called up for a very specific role: mentoring Detroit’s rising defensive star Mortiz Seider. The problem is, if he fulfills his role well and Seider moves quickly to the NHL, he will have to create a new one in the roster to prove his worth to the team. And if he fails, he’s gone. With young talent making their way to the roster, Leddy could struggle to find a new role in the team’s long-term future. However, he could get a Staal-type overtime and serve as a guide for other young Detroit defenders for just a few years.

The Staal-Stecher duo return to Detroit this season, perhaps the best pure defensive duo on the team last year. Here is some statistical evidence:

Staal received a one-year, $ 2 million extension in the offseason, but there’s a chance it will be his last with Detroit. There is little room on the list to guide the defensive presence of the veterans; with the number of prospects building up in the defensive pipeline, it is only a matter of time before older players are replaced with prospects. Staal has been a pretty solid placeholder, but next season could be the last time Detroit has room for that sort of role.

Stecher is just a little younger (27 years old) and better. However, there appears to be a certain perceptual mismatch between fans and management. While fans cheered on Stecher’s safe and intelligent play for most of the season, the organization rewarded him with a few healthy scratches and no protection in the expansion draft. Even if Stecher is having another great season, he might not return, whether it’s his own or Yzerman’s choice.

The offense

Three of the Red Wings forwards will become free agents this season: Robby Fabbri, Vladislav Namestnikov and Sam Gagner.

Fabbri will almost certainly be offered a contract if not traded. There could be a mismatch between what Fabbri thinks he is worth and what Yzerman is willing to pay him, especially if 2021-22 is another season hit by injury. However, he is only 25 years old and he has been one of the best attacking forwards on the team. Fabbri is expected to finish a Red Wings beyond this year.

Namestnikov, on the other hand, probably won’t be a Red Wings after this season. So far he’s been relatively lackluster for the team, especially offensively: he has scored eight goals and nine assists in 53 games with a Corsi-for relative percentage of -4.9. While Namestnikov has exemplified an ability to play competently in almost every line he’s been placed on, his overall skills are somewhat replaceable. Like Staal, developing talent could steal a future spot on the list for Namestnikov.

To win could also be considered a placeholder. He was among the last six players last season, mostly finding efficiency on Detroit’s fourth line. Winning actually led the offense relatively well, although his seven goals and eight assists didn’t quite reflect that; he had a Corsi-for relative percentage of 4.9 in 2020-21. Winning will likely experience the same success in Detroit this year, riding the bike and distributing the puck well in the end. He will also likely see a significant increase in penalty minutes with the departure of Darren Helm and Luke Glendening. However, it’s hard to see that kind of role carry on beyond this season with the amount of talent gathered in Grand Rapids and Europe this year.

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I took my 2 year old on a bike and this is what happened! | The GCN Daycare Challenge! Mon, 23 Aug 2021 00:04:15 +0000

I took my 2 year old on a bike and this is what happened! | The GCN Daycare Challenge!

Posted on August 22, 2021

To share:

Conor and Alex are best cycling friends, but this weekend their ride takes a turn because Jesse – Conor’s Son has decided to go with them! Join the GCN team with maybe their youngest member as they embark on a ride that includes a dip in a river, a climbing challenge and, most importantly, an ice cream! Subscribe to GCN + to ride a bike like you’ve never seen it before! Live races, cycling adventure shows and films: Discover the GCN app: Visit the GCN store – Buy now: https: // gcn. eu / 6hw Subscribe to GCN: Register your interest in the GCN Club: #Cycling #GCN #RoadBike What did you think of the ride of Jesse? Let us know in the comments Sign up for the GCN newsletter Join our Facebook community: If you liked this video, be sure to put a blue thumb in it and share it with your friends. 👍 Watch more on GCN … 📹 Music – licensed under Epidemic Sound: ES_Freedom Fighters – Jo Wandrini.wav ES_Silly Little Things – Alvaro Antin.wav ES_Silly Me – View Points.wav ES_Weather Any Storm (Instrumental version) – Cody Francis.wav ES_Silly Little Tune – Mica Emory.wav ES_On A Clear Morning – Sunfish Grove.wav ES_Summer of Our Lives (Instrumental version) – waykap.mp3 Photos: © Velo Collection (TDW) / Getty Images & © Bettiniphoto / The Global Cycling Network (GCN) is the world’s largest and most dynamic online cycling channel, bringing together a global community of road cyclists to celebrate all that is well in the world of cycling. Our videos provide fans with engaging daily content including expert tutorials, techniques, workouts, races, cutting-edge biking technology, unprecedented behind-the-scenes event coverage, humor, entertainment and more. Brought to you by former professional riders, GCN offers a unique insight into the world of cycling and, more importantly, it’s powered by our passionate and enthusiastic fans – everyone who makes up the GCN community. We also draw your attention to the latest and greatest technology, showcase the best places in the world to ride and get exclusive access to events and races. Welcome to the World Cycling Network | Inside #cycling Thanks to our sponsors: Castelli Clothing Giro Helmets Pinarello Bikes Zipp Wheels: https: // gcn. eu / Zipp Enervit Nutrition: Topeak Tools: Canyon Bikes: Pirelli Tires: / Pirelli Orbea Bikes: Vision Wheels: Wahoo Fitness: Park Tool: / -parktool Elite Bottles: Whoop Fitness: Komoot: Selle Italia: Zwift: Shimano Wheels: Shadow Stand: DMT Shoes: GCN Japan: GCN Italia: Subscribe to GCN en Español: The GCN Club – http: // YouTube channel – Facebook – ht tp: // Instagram – Twitter – http: // gcn. eu / gcnTW GMBN Tech – GCN Tech – http: // gcntech.c o / subscribe EMBN – Leave us a comment below

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Nicole Scherzinger only trains in a thong bikini – and fans went wild Sun, 22 Aug 2021 14:15:06 +0000

Georgia Brown

Nicole scherzinger made a splash with her latest workout video, leaving fans in awe of her killer abs and sculpted figure as she performed a series of exercises in nothing but a string bikini.

MORE: Nicole Scherzinger’s Cheeky Workout Video Has Fans In Freefall

The Pussy Dolls star wrote: “I don’t dance… I WERK”, on the video of herself lifting dumbbells, sweating on the bike machine and stretching on a bench press. We are REALLY impressed.

Loading the player …

WATCH: Nicole Scherzinger frolic in the ocean for a special event

The 43-year-old powerhouse looked amazing as she donned a chic rust-colored bikini and let her long brown locks fall over her shoulders.

Nicole received a flurry of support from her famous friends who were completely blown away by her steamy video. “Nobody’s so in good shape honey! You look amazingly gorgeous” wrote Natasha Bedingfield, while Laverne Cox commented : “Okay, we’re training in bikinis now. The bar’s up again. Going back to sleep, I’ll take care of it tomorrow. Thanks Nicole. You look crazy.”

MORE: Nicole Scherzinger Captivates Fans In Barely-There Bikinis On Romantic Break

Other fans left a series of fiery emojis beneath the singer’s post, while one fan commented, “The hottest woman in the world. Full stop.” We agree!


Nicole sweated while exercising in her bikini

This isn’t the first time Nicole has stepped up the pressure with one of her Instagram posts. Earlier this week, the Do not cha the singer posed a storm wearing nothing but a plush white dress that fell off her shoulders to display her new short – and fans went wild!

Winking playfully to the camera in a photo, Nicole captioned the post, “Savage. Let’s go Monday. New week. New mood. New mana.”


The star looked statuesque as she rocked her workout

His fans were quick to respond, writing: “I usually hate Mondays, but it just made my day.” A second gushed out: “OMG THESE HAIR AND MAKEUP ARE EVERYTHING !!! Nic I’m so obsessed!”

A third added: “You are so beautiful, inside and out” and a fourth said: “Please Nicole, I can’t breathe!”

SEE: Nicole Scherzinger’s Lavish LA Home with Thom Evans Belongs to Selling Sunset

Read more HELLO! American stories here

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Mercedes to leave “no performance on the table” in Red Bull fight Sun, 22 Aug 2021 06:32:00 +0000

Sam Hall and Ian Parkes

Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff has vowed that the seven-time champions will leave “nothing on the table” in their title defense against Red Bull.

Mercedes has been the dominant force in F1 since the start of the turbo-hybrid V6 era in 2014, winning the drivers ‘and constructors’ championships double each season.

The Silver Arrows hold a 12-point advantage in this season’s title race after Red Bull scored just two points in two races before the summer break.

Asked by GPFans Global about the marginal gains that could make the difference between finishing first or second in the standings, Wolff explained: “The words ‘marginal gains’ are copyright of Sir Dave Brailsford who invented this many years ago. many years for its cycling team.

“I think it’s really about not leaving any performance on the table, minimizing mistakes, and that can ultimately contribute to winning or not winning, and that could be with the smallest of margins. “

In 2022, F1 teams will race under drastically changed aero regulations.

With a cost cap in place for the first time this year, teams were forced to decide whether to continue developing the current machines or focus on next season.

Mercedes has made no secret of the fact that it ceased development of the W12 some time ago with the latest improvements arriving at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Reconfirming this, Wolff explained, “All there is is all we have.”

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Announced teams will compete in the 2021 Tour of Britain Mon, 09 Aug 2021 15:09:29 +0000

The three best teams in the world will be among the 18 competing teams next month Tour of Brittany.

INEOS Grenadiers, Deceuninck – Quick-Step and Team Jumbo – Visma will take part in the 17th edition of the UK’s biggest cycling race, with Devon hosting the second stage of the Tour on Monday 6 September.

They are one of seven UCI WorldTeams – along with Israel Start-Up Nation, Movistar Team, Team DSM and Team Qhubeka NextHash – that will take part in the eight-day event, which kicks off in Cornwall on Sunday, September 5th.

They will be joined by four UCI ProTeams, including the Belgian team Alpecin – Fenix ​​of reigning Tour de Bretagne champion Mathieu van der Poel.

The 18 teams competing for the 2021 Tour of Britain are:

• Alpecin – Fenix ​​(Belgium)
• Caja Rural – Seguros RGA (Spain)
• Canyon dhb SunGod (Great Britain)
• Deceuninck – Quick-Step (Belgium)
• Global 6 Cycling (New Zealand) – first appearance in 2021
• Great Britain (Great Britain)
• INEOS Grenadiers (Great Britain)
• Israel Start-Up Nation (Israel)
• Movistar team (Spain)
• Rally Cycling (USA) – first appearance in 2021
• Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling (Great Britain) – first appearance in 2021
• Saint Piran (Great Britain) – first appearance in 2021
• SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling (Great Britain)
• Team Arkéa – Samsic (France) – first appearance in 2021
• DSM team (Germany)
• Jumbo Team – Visma (Netherlands)
• Qhubeka NextHash team (South Africa)
• TRINITY Racing (Great Britain) – first appearance in 2021

Mick Bennett, Tour of Britain Race Director, said: “What a race we have in store for September! Once again, we’ve drawn the biggest teams in the world to the Tour of Britain, and I know they’re going to put on a show for local fans and our global TV audience. Combined with these UK national teams that we invited, still riding fearlessly and getting stuck, I can’t wait for the race to start now!

The announcement was well received in Devon, where the second leg will cover 115 miles from Sherford, in the South Hams, to Queen Street in Exeter.

Councilor Duncan Wood, Senior Advisor for Recreation and Physical Activity, said: “It’s a really impressive team and a lot of talented riders who will descend to Exeter on September 6th for the Devon stage final. Events like the Tour can be an inspiration for young people who want to emulate their heroes or the kick-off for anyone who wants to get into cycling and adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle. This can only be good news for the city.

Councilor Stuart Hughes, a member of the Devon County Council cabinet responsible for cycling, said: “It’s an incredible line-up of teams for this year’s Tour so there is a lot to look forward to for the second stop in Devon on Monday 6th September. Whether you are a cycling fan or just want to catch the spectacle of the event, this is a great opportunity to see the world’s best cycling teams and sports stars on our doorstep. Let’s make this year’s Tour really special to help jumpstart Devon’s economic recovery. After other successful Olympics for the GB team, I hope this will also inspire people to take up cycling or come back to cycling – I can’t wait. “

Councilor Jonathan Hawkins, executive member of the South Hams District Council for Health and Welfare, said: “We have just experienced an exhilarating and extremely successful Olympic Games in Tokyo. Once again, the harvest of cycling medals that the GB team will take home, in all disciplines, will have sparked great interest in the sport. The presence of the three best teams in the world – supported by four other UCI WorldTeams and four ProTeams – on the Devon stage is extremely exciting. Some of the best horse riders in the world will be available to see up close and in person at South Hams, plying their trade and creating a fantastic spectacle for the residents. It should be an inspiring show and I can’t wait to be on September 6th.

Always present on their national circuit since their inaugural 2010 season, the Grenadiers of INEOS will return to the race seeking to add to their illustrious record of a triumph in the general classification, 17 stage victories and two jersey victories. With eight British riders – including Tour of Britain stage winner Luke Rowe and podium Owain Doull – among their squad of 32 riders, home interest is almost guaranteed in their six rider line-up for the race.

Deceuninck – Quick-Step is the most successful team in modern Tour history, having won 22 stages and two overall wins since returning to the calendar in 2004. Their most recent overall victory came of the French and reigning world champion Julian Alaphilippe in 2018. The team have already achieved 40 victories in 2021, which means that their team of six riders promise to be incredibly strong.

The Dutch team Jumbo – Visma will take part in their 10th Tour of Britain in September, during which time they have won the race twice (thanks to Dutchman Lars Boom, in 2010 and 2017) and achieved 10 victories in stage. They will be among the favorites for victory in the third stage of the Carmarthenshire team time trial after triumphing in the equivalent stage three years ago.

Among the five teams that will make their Tour of Britain debut in 2021 are the American Rally Cycling team, with their distinctive bright orange jerseys, and the Arkéa – Samsic team, for which the former British racing champion on road Connor Swift and his compatriot Dan McLay could be selected to compete. .

The talented Spanish team Caja Rural – Seguros return for their first participation since 2016, while the ambitious Kiwi Global 6 Cycling squad will close their first season in the peloton with a participation in Britain’s biggest race.

Another national interest comes from the selection of the five British UCI continental teams: Canyon dhb SunGod, Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling, Saint Piran, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling and TRINITY Racing. A UK national team, likely to showcase emerging talent, will also compete.

Further announcements regarding the provisional rider list for the Tour of Britain will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Tour of Britain is broadcast live and in full on ITV4, as well as in over 150 countries around the world. For more information, visit and the Devon Stage Tour of Britain website

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