Bike Check: Commencal Meta AM 29 by Tom Bradshaw


Pinkbike presenter Tom Bradshaw has gone back to basics with no rear suspension this spring on the Commencal Meta HT AM, but he says he’s cheating on hardcore hardtailers now that his Meta AM 29 has arrived. This will be his daily rider and enduro racing bike, while the Supreme DH 29/27 will be his DH racing bike and park bike.

Bradshaw opted for the Meta AM 29, with a 170mm fork and 160mm rear travel for maximum chunder-eating ability. Tom is a fit guy, with an all-terrain Everest on Fromme Mountain on the North Vancouver coast in his back pocket, as well as a few XC World Cup races under his belt as a junior and he says he has no problem pedaling bigger bicycle.

Bradshaw loves this funny Type 2 fun (miserable as it happens, but fun in retrospect) that borders on Type 3 (not fun at all, not even in retrospect) and in his most recent Pinkbike video he tries to ride 100 tracks in a day in Cumberland, BC on the Meta AM 29.

I wanted the big machine for confidence on the steep, fast and bulky tracks here in the Sea to Sky as well as on the EWS and other enduro races if I can get it! I have no problem pedaling a slightly longer touring bike all day too, I really appreciate the confidence and the larger insurance policy I get from the larger suspension platform, in particular when I’m trying to follow people I don’t have to follow, or hit features I don’t have business to hit.Tom bradshaw

200mm front and rear discs for SRAM RSC codes.

Bradshaw says he runs his bite point dangerously close to the bar because he feels more comfortable with his fingers closer to a fist.

Tom rides a 170mm RockShox Reverb AXS on the Meta AM 29.

Never happy to ride.

Tom’s Pinkbike content is supported by Commencal, RockShox, Sram, Zipp, Schwalbe, Deity, Garmin, Pit Viper, 7idp Protection.

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