Autocar now offers EMP electronic blower system in select garbage trucks

Coach Now offers a Smart Flow refrigerant pack for Engineered Machined Products (EMP) electric fans on select ACX garbage trucks. The design of the electronic fan helps reduce fuel consumption, noise and radiator clogging.

Autocar worked with Michigan-based EMP on the project. As a result, ACX garbage trucks without a front power take-off (PTO) have a choice between the EMP cool pack with the Smart Flow e-fan system or the standard cool pack with a mechanical fan. Both configurations will be standard option choices in Autocar’s ACX garbage trucks.

The technology behind EMP’s Smart Flow electric fan

EMP has supplied electric fans and electrical components to the city bus industry for years. Traditional mechanical fans are either two-speed, or they are turned on or off. Because of this, the traditional fan draws more power from the engine than it needs, which in turn consumes more fuel while bogging down the engine. Electric fan systems are fully variable speed and provide only the airflow necessary to meet the cooling requirements of an engine. As a result, there is no parasitic draft and less fuel consumption with electric fans.

“We have seen a need for this type of technology in the waste industry,” said EMP Sales and Marketing Director Todd Kangas. “Refusing is similar to transit through the same type of duty cycles with a lot of stops and starts. The mechanical fan draws approximately 37 horsepower from the engine. If the motor is making 350 horsepower, that means 10% of the motor’s power is used to drive the fan. If you need more horsepower for the engine, it will make you use more fuel. Once you pull that mechanical fan out and remove this parasitic load, it releases engine power and can save fuel and add to engine capacity. “

Features of the Smart Flow Electric Fan

Another advantage of the EMP Smart Flow electronic ventilator is the reduction of thermal cycles. Electric fans optimize engine temperature, reducing wear and stress on the engine, hoses and radiator. Additionally, when the electric cooler senses a demand for a retarder, the fans respond immediately to reduce the temperature of the oil entering the transmission. The motor then remains constant in temperature and minimizes reduced thermal cycles.

The EMP blower system also helps remedy radiator blockage and reduces truck maintenance needs due to the reversible capacity of electric fans. Electric fans can be reversed and help clear debris from the heater. When in use, the e-fan system draws only the required amount of air through the cooler pack, which has fewer fins per inch than the standard radiator and is less likely to clog.

“Radiators clogged with garbage and debris challenged the waste industry,” Kangas said. “If they can’t move the air and keep the coolant temperature low, the engine will overheat. These fleet owners spend hours performing monthly preventive maintenance to fix this problem. With the electric fan, we can save them time and manpower. control our Smart Flow E-fan system. There is a lot that we can do for maintenance with the reversing and speed of the fans, ”Kangas said.

The e-fan system also helps reduce engine noise. A mechanical fan attached to a typical CNG or diesel truck creates a roar as the vehicle accelerates.

“Everyone knows the roar that comes from the huge fan that has to come on to cool the motor. Essentially, the EMP electric fan system turns the fans on individually and cools the motor while collecting trash. mechanical thing a fan in a truck can’t do. So the electric fan system dampens the roar and volume, ”Kangas said.

Smart Flow electronic fan system technology is integrated into the Autocar smart dashboard, which connects to the truck’s dashboard to provide reversing and diagnostic capability without an external data link adapter or service tool. The data is recorded, allowing mechanics, owners, fleet managers, operators and engineers to download the truck’s diagnostic history to determine if the fans are functioning properly.

The EMP Smart Flow electronic blower is now available in select Autocar ACX garbage trucks.

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