Are these the worst bike paths ever?

Bike lanes, dedicated bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure are appearing more and more in Canada and around the world, but all is not perfect. In fact, many of them are far from it.

Riding on a dedicated bike path creates a barrier between cars and bikes, and increases safety tenfold. But to keep the rider safe, they have to do their job. Some don’t. At all.

There are times when you see examples of cycle lanes or bike lanes that make you think, “who could possibly give this the green light?”

How could anyone think that was a good idea?

Of course, not all bike paths and tracks are bad. But some certainly are.

Imagine having to navigate this nightmare.

How does this little segment in Cork, Ireland help anyone ride, at all?

Here is a puzzle in Germany.

It looks fun.


Hopefully, with more and more pressure on governments to create adequate cycling infrastructure, there are fewer and fewer examples of these brutal cycle tracks and paths.

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