All-electric: Global low-voltage charger industry expected to reach $1.22 billion by 2025

At wBW, we cater to all kinds of crafts; whether it be the last lovingly tinkered and turbocharged CBR1000F from your dad’s shop, Ducati’s most popular face in 2021, or that new electric machine that takes forever to debut in the community proper, we do not discriminate. Life is too short, too full of worries and care-laden hassles to spend more than a day or two without a bike.

A bike is a bike, it’s a bike. Period.

To that effect, we’ve learned that the electrical industry for low voltage chargers is (surprise, surprise) booming – and the fun part is that we also have some additional details from Yahoo! Finance on what it looks like for our industry in ventilation.

The report indicates that we will likely see a value of US$1.22 billion in 2025, “rising at a CAGR of 3.09%, for the period 2021-2025.”

The growth spurt is due in part to “an increasing number of ride-hailing fleet vehicles” (or EVs), as well as accelerated urbanization, falling lithium-ion battery prices, and (residual) demand ) growing EV supply equipment. .

Weaknesses in the infrastructure that this particular crystal ball predicts?

“Market growth would be challenged by a lack of standardization in charging infrastructure and the challenge of funding and ownership of charging stations,” admits the report.

“A few notable trends may include the increase in CO2 emissions from the transport sector, the growing trend of recreational vehicles (RVs), and the reduction in the cost of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).”

View of an electric motorcycle used to depict the potential state of the electrical industry with regards to low voltage chargers

While KTM CEO Stephan Pierer might believe the first noticeable trend after his statement to TopSpeed ​​a few days ago, the truth is that electric trip has something other alternative fuel sources don’t have; it is supported by government incentives and regulatory laws which, in turn, increase the attractiveness of electric vehicles and support the expansion of production plants to manufacture more electric vehicles.

It’s a new circle of life, explained in watts – with particular demand for low-voltage chargers that can be installed anywhere, anytime – bikes like the upcoming SONDORS MetaCycle, the Zero Motorcycles fleet and the original and very likeable CAKE range.

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