A centenarian youth club calls on rugby players to mobilize for the virtual marathon


A CENTURY-OLD youth club whose vital community work “saves lives” asks Rugbéens to mobilize and help raise essential funds.

The Bradby Club for Young People, which had to abandon its usual spinning events during the pandemic, is offering a virtual marathon for people of all ages in the week starting Monday, June 7.

Individuals, families, groups, or schools can run, walk, cycle, jump, swim, conga – or whatever they choose – for 26.2, 13.1, or 6.55 miles during the week .

Club volunteers and youth from the youth and boxing sessions will all participate in support of Bradby.

Fans Marion and Rex Pogson aim to walk around Draycote Water five times, while club leader John Robertson and young workers Rebecca Thomas and Curtis Banton will run, bike and walk various distances throughout the week.

Bradby administrator Ian Chislett, who organized the virtual marathon, will run four miles a day for seven days to complete the marathon distance.

The club continued to offer support, advice and activities to young people during the pandemic, whether online or in socially distant groups, and youth workers kept in touch with the hardest to reach young people. and the most vulnerable.

But the club must raise every penny for itself.

Club chief John Robertson said: “The pandemic has made the club’s existence more important than ever. It is clear that young people continue to need support and commitment throughout this uncertain time.

“Fundraising events are responsible for a significant amount of income that supports the work we do. We are now in danger of having to use up precious reserve funds which, unfortunately, are dwindling year after year.

“Please support our efforts as we desperately try to continue providing much needed funds to the club. To quote a local councilor, “Bradby saves lives”. “

The Bradby Club has worked with rugby youth for 101 years. Its open access evenings offer a secure center for young people aged 8 to 25, with sports, cooking, residential lessons and more. Professional youth workers provide informal education on safe relationships and substance abuse in schools and other clubs.

Bradby won a Queens’ Award in 2004 and a Pride of Rugby Award in 2018.

Anyone who participates in the virtual marathon can let the club know what they are doing and send the funds raised to the club through a Virgin Money Giving webpage.

Contact the Bradby Club at www.bradby.org.uk, 01788 544344, or by mail to the Bradby Club, East Union Street, Rugby CV22 6AN.

Visit https://tinyurl.com/zyvwn3xj to send funds or for more information.

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