81-year-old British motorcycle enthusiast shares the secret to his success: stay alive, have a plan, put that plan into action


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CEBU, Philippines — Age is really just a number. And this does not only apply to love but also in pursuit of his passion.

This has been proven by an 81 year old man finisher of the recent Cebu Loop Challenge.

Peter Boardman, a retired Englishman, was among the participants who successfully completed the Cebu North-South Loop.

“I attend these events to test myself and verify my current abilities,” Boardman told CDN Digital.

Boardman completed the loop in 14 hours including lunch break.

The loop started and ended in the city of Consolacion, north of Cebu.

It was held last Sunday, October 31, 2021.

When asked what drives him to continue at this age, Boardman explained that he is a man ready to go on an adventure.

“The fear of falling into the expectations of what people think of what older people should do, like sitting in a corner and doing nothing but watching TV. BORING, not for this man! he said.

He shared that at the age of 55, he retired from work and went sailing.

“Many adventures later and now on my 3rd boat, I have sailed with my wife from Greece to Europe, across the Atlantic and the Pacific to end my sailing session here in the Philippines,” he said. declared.

He said he had always had a love for motorcycles.

The Englishman owns at least 25 different bikes.

“I first heard about this kind of event here in Cebu in 2019 when I saw a lot of motorcycles pass by my house on the national road and learned that it was called the CEBU 600 . I did more research on this and put my sign up for 2020, “he said.

“Unfortunately, Covid 19 has arrived and it has been postponed. The format was then changed to avoid large crowds and run in the new format just before Christmas 2020. Unfortunately 2 days before the event I injured my back and was unable to participate but not wishing to be left out, I did the course on my own as soon as I could. None of these events are races, they are enduro events. Running on public roads is illegal and invalidates your vehicle’s insurance, ”he added.

And as for the motorcycle he used in the Cebu Loop Challenge, Boardman said it was an old motorcycle.

“My bike is an obsolete 2001 110cc Motorposh Blaze. I bought it many years ago with about 20,000 km on the clock. It has now made 68,000. I threw away many of the pretty plastic panels it was infested with so that I could perform the maintenance procedures much easier. I made other legal improvements to improve my driving experience. I try to keep the bike RELIABLE, in my mind that’s the number one requirement for any bike, ”said the Englishman.

And Boardman also has tips for young riders who would like to achieve what he did at his age.

“To achieve anything in this life, you must first stay alive and healthy. It doesn’t happen by accident. Learn everything you can, you never know when it might help. a goal or goal in life, something you really want to do or achieve. Then figure out how you can legally achieve it. When you’ve done that, make your plan. Many people with good intentions stop here , but to be successful, you must put your plan into ACTION! It is estimated that only 3% of people do this and that they are the successful ones in life.

“NEVER GIVE UP !!!!” he said.

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