5 hilarious moments where Kajol found himself funny


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For nearly three decades now, Kajol has remained a favorite among many Hindi film lovers. While her acting prowess and stunning looks have been appreciated since her debut in 1992, it is her off-screen character that has impressed fans over time. The 46-year-old is known for her intelligence, honesty and humor. And the actress also often places herself at the mercy of her jokes. Kajol’s spirit and self-mockery are evident in his special media posts. In one of those cases, the actress shared a behind-the-scenes clip from her 1998 hit movie on Thursday. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

On World Bike Day, the actress decided to release a video featuring her with her co-actor Shah Rukh Khan riding a bike while filming the song. Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana. But there is a twist. This video is not a proof of the elegance of the actress. Instead, it shows Kajol falling off the bike rather awkwardly and injuring himself. Sharing the clip, she wrote: “And a really good day of cycling to you too” followed by a “rolling eyes” emoji. Reacting to this, director Karan Johar, who directed the film, said, “Oh my God! I remember it so well! And I can’t forget what happened afterwards. Fans also responded to the post with laughing emoticons. One of them even said, “Omg..not I like you to fall, but I can’t stop laughing.”

Watch the video here:

In another such post, the actress gave us a glimpse of her “bunny” face through a filter. Since it was Easter, the actress pulled off the Easter bunny look and wasn’t afraid to give the camera a funny face while sticking her tongue out. In the caption she wrote: “Rushing in the snow … No … no … sorry … bad holiday … Happy Easter.” The lack of vanity is refreshing, isn’t it?

Another of our favorites is a meme that Kajol shared of herself and admitted she was a “gobbler”. In the photo, Kajol glances aside with a note that reads: “The biggest scam is to cook for 2 hours just to eat for 10 minutes.” The actress admitted that she was not an elegant eater in the caption by confessing: “Traits d’une gourmande”.

When Kajol stumbled upon a photo of her where she was caught off guard and therefore made a less than flattering expression, she didn’t delete it. Instead, she decided this was exactly what her Instagram fans needed to see. Sharing the photo, she wrote: “National Sarcasm Society: Like we need your support.”

Kajol, who is now a fashionista sporting the hottest looks in town, didn’t forget to give her fans a glimpse of her not-so-stylish days. She shared a photo of herself wearing a perm, leaving fans divided. The photo had a note that said, “What? I swear the hairstyle was in fashion … Once upon a time. Admitting it was a bad fashion move, she wrote: “I swear …”

Well we love the way Kajol wears his fame so easily and we can’t wait to laugh at his next funny post.

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