400 take part in cycle rallies, Ring Road races – Pakistan

LAHORE: A large number of cyclists, including women, gathered on the Ring Road on Saturday to take part in the cycle rallies in a bid to play their part in improving the environment through the promotion of cycling.

“Me and my friends didn’t come here only to participate in the cycling rallies because I also want to tell people that women are inferior beings compared to men in any field,” said a cyclist.

“Since such events also promote the sweet image of our country, I appreciate everyone who organized this wonderful event,” she added.

Organized by the Divisional Administration, headed by retired Commissioner of Lahore Cap Muhammad Usman and various cycling clubs and associations in the province, more than 400 people, including many professional cyclists, registered for the rallies divided into 10 categories in terms of distance (4 to 31 km) and cyclists – men, women, children, at the Ring Road interchanges at DHA Rahbar and Lake City. Participants gathered at the site early in the morning, the period of low traffic.

“The main objectives of cycle rallies included promoting cycling, maintaining health and fitness, creating a clean and green environment, reducing traffic load and carbon emissions on the roads, allocating dedicated lanes for cyclists on the roads and promoting the country’s smooth image in the world,” Abid Saleemi, spokesman for the Commissioner of Lahore, told Dawn. He said that given the events successful, it had been decided to organize cycling rallies often.

“An annual mega cycling championship would also be held regularly in Lahore,” he announced and added that during Ramazan as well, a few such events would be held.

The cyclists, who took part in the race of the amateur category, covered a distance of 30 km. Races were also held among male and female amateurs “18 to 40”. Participants in the male and female professional race of all age categories covered a distance of 30 km. Eight women also competed in this category. The children covered a distance of 4 km in the category of children under 12 years old. The first post holders in the professional male and female category over 40 were awarded a cash prize of Rs 100,000 along with medals.

The commissioner distributed cash prizes and shields among the winners of all categories. Special prizes were awarded to children.

In the professional men’s race, Syed Aqib placed first while Abid Siddique and Talal Khan remained second and third respectively. In women’s professional competitions, Rabia Garib secured first place, followed by runners-up Naila Jafri and Kinza Malik.

“It was a great day for the cycling community in Lahore and I congratulate everyone,” the commissioner said while speaking on the occasion.

LESCO: Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) on Saturday claimed to have upgraded 132kV Pattoki-Okara, Renala Khurd/Habibabad-Pattoki power transmission lines and grid stations by replacing lines in various sections with new ones.

“Due to the upgrade, the capacity of the lines has increased from 488 amps to 898 amps. This not only improved the voltage profile on the 11 km power distribution transmission lines, but also ensured uninterrupted power supply to consumers during Ramazan and throughout the summer. It will also save the company from technical and commercial line losses,” Lesco CEO Chaudhry Amin said at a meeting on Saturday. He said the 132kV Shahkot, PDR Saddar Gogera and Kot Radha Kishan grids have also been upgraded with the installation of 11kV capacitors.

TRAINS: The departure of several trains from Lahore to various destinations across the country had experienced a delay due to technical reasons in recent days. According to Pakistan Railways, trains departed two hours late from Lahore to Karachi and other stations. The delayed trains included Business Express, Awam Express, Karachi Express, Tezgam, Khyber Mail, Allama Iqbal Express, Greenline, Karakoram Express, Jafar Express, Millat Express, Pakistan Express and Sir Syed Express.

Posted in Dawn, April 3, 2022

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