2000 cyclists embark on the Feed Whitton Challenge


Photo: Elwyn Evans

Cumbria Crack is building a group of passionate and knowledgeable photographers who provide footage from various sports across the county – and beyond.

One of them is Elwyn Evans and this morning he spent a few hours with the Cumbria Cycling Club X111 team in Kirkland Leaps above Ennerdale.

They were hosting the Fred Whitton Challenge when more than 2,000 riders from across the country competed in a 112 mile event, covering the Lakeland Passes, a test to say the least intimidating and exhausting.

The morning started well, dry and cool but disappointingly as the event and the weather progressed the weather changed and made the hike an endurance challenge with torrential downpours starting just before the rise of Cold Fell.

The Fred Whitton Challenge has been raising money for charity since its inception in 1999, but who is Fred Whitton – and why is it named after him?

Until his untimely death in 1998 at the age of 50, Fred was an extremely popular member of the Lakes Road Club. Fred was not only the main instigator of all club activity, but he was also always present during club outings and training weekends.

Living near all of the great steep climbs in the Lake District, Fred would have known them all. The year following his death, it was therefore decided to travel the road in his honor and use it as an opportunity to raise some money for a charity … 20 years later, this “bit” for the charity has now reached the £ 2,000,000 mark!

Here is a sample of Elwyn’s photos from the Challenge taken at Kirkland Leaps, Ennerdale Bridge and Cold Fell.

He then said: “It has been a great two hours and well done to all the runners, volunteers and support teams. It was certainly hard work in difficult conditions.

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