10 things fans don’t know about Braun Strowman’s life outside of wrestling

Braun Strowman has become the talk of the town since making his return to WWE on the September 5, 2022, episode of Raw. The company released him from his contract as part of the June 2021 budget cuts, and The Monster Among Men took the time to get a well-deserved break and also start a new venture with EC3 in Control Your Narrative.

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However, when Triple H took over as creative head of WWE, Strowman was one of the former superstars The Game brought back to the company. Fans are well aware of Strowman’s exploits in his professional wrestling career, but there are a few facts about Adam Scherr, the man behind the monstrous character, that fans might want to know. With that said, let’s take a look at ten things fans might not know about Braun Strowman’s life outside of wrestling.


10/10 Used to work as a doorman, mechanic and security guard

After graduating from high school in 2001, Braun Strowman tried his hand at football and played semi-professionally for the Hickory Hornets. To support himself financially during this phase, Strowman held various jobs as a mechanic and doorman.

He also worked as a security guard at a nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina. This job helped him enjoy his love for the nightlife and also made it easier for him with his intimidating height, as no troublemaker would dare to make a scene when the monster among men is watching him closely.

9/10 His father is a famous softball player

Braun Strowman rose to superstardom the moment he made his WWE debut as part of the Wyatt Family. He raised his stock over the years and he continued to solidify his legacy by becoming the Universal Champion.

However, Strowman isn’t the only person in his family to have had his fair share of the spotlight, as his father, Rick “Crusher” Scherr, is one of the greatest softball players of all time. He is known as the Home Run King of Softball, as Rick Scherr still holds the all-time World Series record with 101 home runs.

8/10 His love for the hunting game

Similar to Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman is also an avid hunter and even expressed his desire to go hunting with The Beast Incarnate in 2017. However, netizens didn’t give him a good time after Strowman posted a photo of him hunting deer. on his Instagram account in 2019.

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Strowman received serious backlash from animal lovers and animal activists after posting the photo. Some even went to extremes sending death threats to the former Universal Champion, but the level playing field quickly became level playing field as Strowman fans rushed to defend The Monster Among Men.

7/10 Went through a significant growth spurt while in high school

Braun Strowman is a jaw-dropping 6-foot-8 and weighs over 340 pounds. When he made his WWE debut as part of the Wyatt Family, fans were surprised to see a man that size.

Strowman has always been an athletic person since childhood and he gained most of his height during his high school days. He stood 5ft 8in in his freshman year and grew to 6ft 5in by the time he graduated. He revealed that he had to deal with bullying when he was younger as people always gave him a hard time about his height. But he used all that negativity to move forward and get to where he is today.

6/10 Her workout and diet plan

For a man the size of Braun Strowman, you have to maintain a rigorous training schedule and stick to a strict diet. When Strowman revealed his diet during an interview, even Triple H, who was standing in the background, couldn’t help but be amazed at the 15,000 calories a day The Monster Among Men consumes in a day.

Strowman underwent a massive makeover, which saw him slim down significantly and display a more ripped physique. In an interview, Strowman said his training plan consisted of fasted cardio through cycling, weight training and some adjustments to his diet that saw him drop his initial intake by 15,000 calories, and all this took it from 385 to 340. pounds sterling.

5/10 His net worth

Braun Strowman entered the world of professional wrestling in his thirties, but quickly managed to become one of the most important members of the WWE roster. His continued placement in high-profile storylines earned him a good reputation with the company and also helped him land a lucrative deal.

When the company released him from his contract in 2021, Strowman was on a multi-year deal that saw him earn $1.2 million a year. He signed a new deal in September 2022, and the monetary value of the deal is unclear, but combining all of his earnings from his previous deal and his other businesses, Strowman would have a net worth of around $2 million. .

4/10 His career as a strongman

Before getting into professional wrestling, Braun Strowman was making great strides in his career as a strongman. He won the NAS National Amateur Championships in 2011 to earn his Strongman Corporation pro card.

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Subsequently, he won the 2012 Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships and competed in several strongman competitions over the years. He competed against WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry in various strongman competitions, and it was he who helped Strowman consider a career in professional wrestling and told WWE to check his work, which resulted in eventually led Strowman to sign with the company in 2013.

3/10 Acting career

All the global exposure he received during his WWE run helped Braun Strowman get into the role of the monster among men and appeared in a few small movies and some TV shows.

His first television appearance was during his strongman days when he participated in The strongest man in the world competition in 2012. He then appeared in the 2016 film Three accounts as a strongman before appearing in the 2018 mystery comedy film Holmes and Watson. Strowman also appeared in episode 26 of season two of the live-action children’s television series Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.

2/10 He is currently dating Raquel Rodriguez

Braun Strowman is currently in a relationship with fellow WWE Superstar and former Women’s Tag Team Champion Raquel Rodriguez. Despite being in the same company, Strowman and Rodriguez didn’t become friends until 2019.

The two became close while hitting the gym when Strowman introduced her to his trainers and nutritionists. The friendship quickly turned into a relationship and the couple weren’t shy about announcing it on social media as Raquel Rodriguez posted several hilarious videos of her interrupting Strowman’s workout with some cheesy lines on TikTok who revealed their relationship with the WWE Universe. .

1/10 He is godfather to Bray Wyatt’s son

Unlike the other members of the Wyatt family, Braun Strowman was new to the world of professional wrestling, and it was Bray Wyatt who took Strowman under his wing and taught him the various aspects of the business.

Strowman also revealed that it broke his heart when WWE separated him from the Wyatt Family as Bray Wyatt acted as his mentor both on-screen and off-screen. The two developed a close friendship over the years, which led Bray Wyatt to make Braun Strowman godfather to his and Jojo Offerman’s son, Knash Rotunda.

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