10 Best GTA Series Side Activities, Ranked

The Grand Theft Auto The series is full of things to do between missions. From hobbies and interests to random hobbies and events, fans of GTA were treated to a range of entertaining secondary activities. These efforts improve gameplay and further immerse players in the GTA universe.

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In some cases, side activities look like separate games within a GTA title, such as detailed sports-based mini-games. Definitely GTA releases, these activities are required to reach 100% completion. However, some side activities are loved for their fun factor, and the best ones stand out in the franchise for providing endless hours of extra fun.

Air hockey can be played in GTA IVexpansion packs, The LOST and damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Players must hit the hockey puck into their opponent’s goal while defending their own goal with a mallet, and the first to reach seven points is the winner.

The minigame can be found in any of the Memory Lanes bowling alleys in Liberty City. Upon starting, players can choose to face off against a pedestrian or one of the protagonist’s friends. GTA IVAir Hockey is addictive just like the real tabletop sport, and the exclusive side activity is one of the best pastimes in the game.

The pool is an activity that can be enjoyed in two ways in the Grand Theft Auto series. In GTA San Andreas, CJ will be able to play against NPCs holding a pool cue in the bar. A bet will need to be agreed before playing with a minimum of $50. In GTA IVno betting is necessary and players can challenge their AI associates if they wish.

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GTA IV has a few more rules for 8-ball, but other than that both versions are the same. The best pool table in the series is in Playboy X’s Penthouse, which has better surface quality and pink felt. Billiards is highly regarded, and its inclusion in two of the series’ most popular games means it’s also one of the franchise’s best activities.

8 Basketball has arrived in the series in GTA: San Andreas

Basketball made its debut in GTA San Andreas. Even though it’s a team sport, Rockstar has included a solo activity for players on the basketball court. Players start with one minute and must shoot hoops for points and extra time. When the time is up, there will be a final score and players can try to beat it.

The hardest part is shooting at the top of CJ’s jump and getting the ball after each shot. Nonetheless, it’s an activity that fulfills the aesthetic demands of the game in a fun way. Fans hope there will be real gameplay with opponents if the sport is to be featured in the next Grand Theft Auto Title.

seven Triathlons first appeared in GTA: San Andreas

Triathlon events first appeared in GTA San Andreas. However, most fans are more familiar with triathlons in GTA V, arguably the best Grand Theft Auto game. Any of the protagonists can compete in each of three races involving swimming, running, and cycling against multiple AI opponents.

Players must find a balance between expending energy and preserving stamina in order to finish in first place. The last triathlon event lasts approximately 30 minutes. Although strenuous, triathlons are a lot of fun and are one of the series’ most iconic side activities.

6 There is only one BMX challenge in the series

In GTA San Andreas, there is a unique side mission located in Glen Park Skate Park. The BMX Challenge tests players’ virtual cycling ability as they must collect all the checkpoints before time runs out. Each checkpoint grants an additional 10 seconds, and there are 19 in total.

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Some checkpoints are hard to get and require players to do bunny hops to reach them. There is only one BMX challenge in the game, which can be replayed so players can beat their scores. It’s a fun and addictive side activity, and although there’s only one, the BMX Challenge is highly rated among GTA Fans.

5 Yoga is a unique side activity

The last title of GTA is one of the best video games of all time. GTA V introduced players to yoga, and after completing the “Did Someone Say Yoga?” mission, Michael can initiate the relaxing activity at home or on Mount Gordo. Practicing yoga can also help increase the protagonist’s lung capacity.

Besides being one of the best minigames in the series, some players find the activity difficult and players will try again until they complete each yoga pose. It’s one of the best activities Rockstar has included in the franchise and a fan favorite due to its distinctive mechanics.

4 Bowling is one of the most iconic activities in the GTA series

Bowling is a fan-favorite activity that got its start in GTA IV. The protagonist can compete against friends or girlfriends, and the rules of the game are identical to those of real sport. In Memory Lanes bowling alleys, players must speak to the clerk and choose a lane to begin the activity.

Once the player has positioned himself, he can prepare his shot. After throwing the ball, they can steer it left or right towards the desired target. It’s a simple activity, but it’s one of the most enjoyable of the GTA series. It’s so popular that Niko receives numerous invitations from his cousin, Roman, to go bowling throughout the campaign.

In GTA IV, players can visit the Split Sides Comedy Club located at Star Junction and watch stand-up comedy from real-life comedians. Performances by Ricky Gervais, Frankie Boyle and Katt Williams can be seen in the virtual establishment, with routines written by the comedians themselves.

Experiencing stand-up is an exclusive activity for GTA IV. AlthoughSplit Sides Comedy Clubs exist in GTA V and GTA online, players cannot enter and watch the show. It’s a fantastic way to take a break from all the shooting and reckless driving. The activity can be enjoyed with friends and dates in the single-player campaign and will make both players and NPCs laugh.

2 Tennis is one of the most detailed activities in GTA V

In GTA V and GTA online, players can play tennis against the AI ​​or online challengers. There are several places in Los Santos where players can play this fast-paced racquet sport. There are also four different shot types available to players and plenty of room to position themselves.

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When playing against the AI, winners are rewarded with a cash prize while online winners receive reputation points. GTATennis has surprisingly smooth mechanics and impressive overall gameplay. The GTA mini-game even rivals some of the best tennis-centric sports games.

1 GTA V has finally given players a 9-hole course

While the practice grounds were included in previous titles, players were finally able to experience a 9-hole round of golf in GTA V. The side activity takes place at the Los Santos Golf Club in the heart of the city. Fans can also play golf in GTA online against other people in the same session.

After driving the ball down the fairway, players will enter putting mode when they reach the green. You can even manually switch clubs and spin the ball to guide it to the target. It’s an elaborate company that offers hours of entertainment with a hint of competition. Golf is an amazing side hustle and is considered by many to be the best in the game. GTA series.

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